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Reach out to more people than ever before. Over 80% of people search on their phones or tablets first before their desktop computer. With your own mobile app you can keep in touch 24/7 with updates, notifications and direct messages.

Build customer loyalty

Keep your customers in the loop with daily updates, special offers and events. Run an app based loyalty scheme with simple key codes to offer discounts and rewards.

GEO Fencing and Push Notifications

GEO Fence your app to allow you to contact your customers when they get within a certain radius of your store, business or event.
Push Notify your subscribers for special offers, events or even cancellations and vacancies available.

Available on Apple and Android

On both Apple iOS and Android platforms, phone and tablet an Obelisk App can promote your business beautifully and add value and flexibility in your customers hand.



4th July 2016

8 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile App in 2016

If you’re in business, you will know that mobile is where all the action is today. You only have do a quick Google search that will inundate you with a plethora of statistics to show […]

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