A bit about Obelisk Apps

Obelisk Apps are a team of like minded individuals specialising in business Apps for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

Games are great, but we generally leave them to guys who’ve spent their lives gaming. We’ve got a successful track record in business and that’s what we know best, so we focus on business Apps and those that will build sales and customer loyalty. We want to help make your business grow, and that means enabling you to get to know your customers, communicating with them and offering them what they want while they’re on the move.

Our platform was designed around our requirements when we built our first app for our own company. It does the things we want it to not the developers. We have added to it as we have gone along so we can offer tailored and cost effective mobile apps for all kinds businesses, in all kinds of places, doing all kinds of things.

Our dynamic team of experts have all the essential skills to help your business reach its full potential. We have business developers, designers, historians, technical advisors and social media managers, who all contribute to the look, content and functionality of each app.

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